Nivy Watch in Tourism

The Nivy Watch rugged Android watch takes tourism staff scheduling to a new level. Thanks to the simple recording of tasks, schedules and allocations can be made using transparent data – both in real time and by analyzing the records.

Nivy Watch Tourismus


If the need arises quickly, individual employees or groups can be notified quickly and easily via the Nivy Data Factory platform. Direct communication between two Android watches is also possible. Predefined messages and responses avoid time-consuming typing and misunderstandings.

Checklists on the Android watch not only facilitate the step-by-step completion of tasks, but can also be used to analyze the duration and efficiency afterwards. A quick tap on the touchscreen and the Android watch displays the next todo. Of course, changes can be made in real time and thus adapted to current requirements.

The current status of the Nivy Watches is clearly displayed in the Nivy Data Factory, and retrieving recorded data is just as easy. For a more in-depth process analysis, integration for BI tools is available – so that other factors such as customer volume, staffing levels or new tools can also be included in evaluation and planning.

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