Nivy Watch in the Industry

One hand for work, one hand for communication – that’s a thing of the past with the Nivy Watch. Especially in potentially dangerous tasks, the new features of the Nivy Watch can increase the safety of employees. The industrial smartwatch is so robust that it can also be used in industrial work areas without any problems.

Nivy Watch


Important information at the right time and in the right place – with the Nivy Watch, local notifications are uncomplicated to implement. Warnings, important rules of conduct or the current status of a machine can be sent manually or automatically. Not only as one-way communication, active notifications are also possible from the industrial smartwatch itself.

Should an accident occur despite all precautionary measures, the data collected by the motion and heart rate sensors are used to detect an emergency. With the use of the Nivy Bluetooth beacons, it is possible to quickly locate the people involved in the accident with an accuracy of a few meters. The vibration alarm of the industrial smartwatch also reliably informs employees who wear hearing protection, for warning or to provide quick assistance.

In order to prevent accidents in advance, analyses of the course of the accident are possible on the basis of the recorded sensor data. For example, certain tasks or neuralgic points can be examined more closely and appropriate countermeasures can be taken. Like automatic warnings with the Nivy Watch.

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