Nivy Watch in Retail

The possible uses of the Nivy Watch in retail are as diverse as the assortment in a modern supermarket. The robust smartwatch can be used to control and record a wide variety of tasks, from the checkout area to the loading dock.

Nivy Watch Einzelhandel


Efficient coordination is the key to good teamwork. With the Nivy Watch, employees can be contacted in a targeted manner without having to interrupt their work for any length of time: a quick glance at the smartwatch and, with just one touch, a response is sent back. Thanks to the innovative indoor localization with Nivy Bluetooth beacons, not only individual persons or groups, but also all employees in a certain area can be notified.

These Bluetooth beacons are also used for automated notifications. When entering or leaving a department, current actions and tasks are displayed on the smartwatch. The setup of such notices, like the entire management of the Nivy Watch, is done in the Nivy Data Factory. The straightforward software allows the entire information process to be easily set up with just a few clicks and inputs.

The Nivy Watch’s integrated sensors come into play when optimizing processes: whether it’s distances traveled or duration of activities, inefficiencies can be quickly identified based on the collected data. Since the smartwatches do not necessarily have to be assigned to specific employees, these analyses can also be performed anonymously and aggregated.

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